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Kiran Trivedy
Senior Analyst

Kiran joined TWCOG in 2018 and has started work on a range of analytical projects across the energy sector.

Prior to joining TWCOG Kiran completed a degree in physics at the University of Bristol, and a postgraduate degree in sustainable energy systems at the University of Edinburgh.

Since joining TWCOG Kiran has worked on a range of projects in the energy sector, with a focus on statistical analysis of gas pricing trends in the European and Asian Markets.

Recent Assignments
  • Analysis, modelling and calculation of claim value for a series of large pipeline gas contract disputes in the Middle East.

  • Provided comprehensive analytical support to Expert Witnesses and assisting in the preparation of Expert Reports for submission in lengthy arbitration proceedings for a Japanese Price Review.

  • Carried out comprehensive analysis of Flexibility and Sales Data to Expert Witnesses and assisted in the preparation of Expert Reports related to a European Price Review.

  • Provided analysis of Economic Models for a North African buyer as part of lengthy arbitration proceedings for a gas contract dispute.

  • Research and investigation on the Chinese and Russian gas markets for a gas contract dispute in Central Asia.

  • Analysis of pricing trends in the Asia region for arbitration proceedings for a Chinese Price Review.