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Isabelle Minihan

Isabelle joined TWCOG LLP in September 2019 and has a degree in Geophysics & Geology from Durham University, having previously worked in Renewable Energy Supply for the UK market.

Since joining TWCOG Isabelle has worked on a range of projects across the global energy markets, with a focus on gas contract disputes and Price Reviews in Europe and the Middle East.

Recent Assignments

  • Analysis and calculation of claim value for a large pipeline gas contract dispute in the Middle East.

  • Provided assistance and data support for a large contract dispute at an International Arbitration.​

  • Analysis and assistance in producing a market study of power generation as part of a Swap Agreement in the Middle East.

  • Analysis of pricing trends in Europe for arbitration proceedings for both a European and Middle Eastern Price Review.

  • Analytical support to Expert Witnesses and assisting in the preparation of an Expert Report for a pipeline gas contract dispute under one of the largest gas supply contracts in Europe.