Anthony Way
Managing Partner
London & Singapore
+44 772 546 6897

Anthony Way is an Expert in trade usage, financial valuation and economic analysis, which he applies in the assessment of contract prices and damages as part of International Arbitration proceedings.

Anthony Way has acted as an Expert Witness and Advisor in over 50 price reviews of gas and LNG supply and purchase contracts since 2006, both in support of price review discussions and negotiations and in giving Expert Witness testimony in International Arbitration. Broadly recognised as one of the leading global experts in this field, clients have included RWE, Enel, Edison, Gas Natural Fenosa, Uniper, PGNiG, Engie, Naftogaz of Ukraine, Kansai Electric and PETRONAS. 

Mr Anthony Way’s Expert work has frequently entailed:

  • Detailed contractual review of the terms of the contract suite to determine the client’s commercial position in relation to the price review. 

  • Formulation and recommendation of an appropriate claim structure subject to particular price review clauses and changes in market conditions.

  • Expert witness testimony in International Arbitration.

  • Construction, evaluation and use of a class leading, proprietary fair value methodology to analyse the transactional value of the client’s portfolio.

  • Valuation and assessment of the current and historical market value of gas, including traded gas markets, comparable import pricing and best substitute analysis. 

  • Assistance in commercial negotiation to achieve a settlement solution to a disputed price review.

  • Quantum of damages claim as part of long-term performance disputes, including breach of supply and contractual obligations, under international contracts

Mr Anthony Way’s expertise stems from an extensive and highly regarded career, including senior roles with international Energy companies, namely Enron International and Amoco Production Company.


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