TWCOG LLP is an independent commercial advisory firm in the energy sector, with offices in London and Singapore. It is dedicated to helping oil and gas industry organizations create successful projects, mitigate risk and resolve disputes. Its expertise is in complex gas and LNG transactions. TWCOG provides experts recognised for their unparalleled depth of knowledge of, and industrial track record in, creating such transactions. In addition, its experts are particularly active in the resolution of disputes that may arise in such transactions. 

TWCOG LLP has a dedicated and experienced team of top-class analysts that support its activities. The company provides access to consultants & experts with global experience across the value chain, fully supported by a team of experienced industry analysts and consultants

TWCOG LLP specialises in assisting clients throughout every stage of a disputed matter, from early assessment of the case, to development of a case strategy, analysis of damages, and settlement implementation. Our experts are highly competent at communicating the findings through expert reports and verbal testimony in International Arbitration and in state courts. 

Anthony Way, the Managing Partner of TWCOG LLP, is a renowned expert in the resolution of pricing disputes in gas and LNG transactions. He has been appointed in over 50 such disputes that have gone into International Arbitration, where he has been called upon to give Expert Witness testimony. Anthony is highly sought after as an Expert Witness for price review disputes. 

Matthew Wilks, Partner of TWCOG LLP is an expert who is frequently engaged to advise on oil and gas commercial contracts, joint ventures, commercial operations and asset management which he also applies as part of International Arbitration proceedings. He has frequently acted in disputes relating to non performance and force majeure in the Oil, Gas & LNG industry.

Dr Lawrence Tal, Partner of TWCOG LLP, is an expert in the resolution of quantum and regulatory disputes in oil, gas, and LNG transactions. He has advised on cross-border regulatory and political issues impacting energy contracts and on price adjustments in M&A transactions. He holds a D.Phil. and M.Phil. from Oxford University, where he was the John M. Olin Fellow at St. Antony's College and Lecturer in Politics at Trinity College. 

This Analyst Group team performs in-depth analysis and rigorous research of markets, economic analysis of companies and projects, and provides full support for the Expert Witness activities in litigation support. The experience of its analytical team enables TWCOG LLP to fully analyse understand the value of products in the international oil and gas industry, both at a global and at a local level. Through building bespoke economic models and using sophisticated, up to date analytical methods, TWCOG LLP can assess market worth of products, the value of oil and gas assets and infrastructure, and the detail of contractual pricing mechanisms. 

TWCOG LLP is frequently called upon for complex data analysis when acting either as an Expert Witness or in an advisory role in the resolution of contractual disputes. This analysis has to be of a standard that can be used if such disputes go into International Arbitration, and includes the valuation of the quantum of damages in such disputes. With its outstanding Analyst Group, TWCOG LLP is ideally placed to provide such support for its experts.

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